All-New Renault MASTER

Transporting goods

Discover our selection of equipment and fittings adapted to the specific needs of transporting goods. 
Renault MASTER mobile office
Mobile office
Need to set up a client meeting or plan a route?
The digital tablet holder, induction smartphone charger and Easy Life tablet help you save time and work more efficiently from your  mobile office.       
MASTER oculus grids
Oculus grids
Keep an eye on your cargo thanks to the new window between the cab and the loading area, all while ensuring the cab is perfectly protected. 

Renault Tech® Service     
Renault MASTER lashing rings
Lashing rings
Avoid clattering and loses by stowing your entire load with the help of  lashing rings  (up to 18 depending on the version).        
Renault MASTER reinforced lock
Reinforced lock
Are you carrying precious cargo? Protect your cargo thanks to your loading zone's reinforced lock.
Renault MASTER extended door mirrors
Extended door mirrors
This equipment is essential for the Large volume conversion.
Renault MASTER LED lighting in the cargo area
LED lighting in the cargo area
Nothing can get passed you! Save time and energy, thanks to the cargo area LED lighting.
Renault MASTER assist grab handles
Assist grab handles
Make loading and unloading a breeze and complete round trips one after the other, without tiring yourself out, thanks to the assist grab handles.
Renault MASTER Cloison porte coulissante et strapontin
Partition with sliding door and folding seat
Quickly access your loading zone through the sliding partition. The passenger-side folding seat helps you to save space and to transport a person when needed. 

Renault Tech® Service - Available with the Transporting goods offering     
Renault MASTER right- or left-side shelves
Right- or left-side shelves
These two-level modular, folding shelves support up to 80 kg/linear metre.

No more compromising between weight and volume!      
Renault MASTER
Shelf retaining nets
Stay organised and make loading and unloading your goods a breeze with the retaining nets.

"No more nasty surprises! this little feature keeps my merchandise in place."     
Renault MASTER electric side running board and rear running board
Electric side running board and rear running board
No need to strain yourself when entering and exiting the loading area. "That combined with the assist grab handles means goodbye lumbago!"
Renault MASTER lashing rails
Lashing rails
Organise your cargo according to your route, thanks to the lashing rails.
Renault MASTER marking
Do your deliveries have you making frequent stops along the road? Alert other drivers thanks to our marking solutions.
Renault MASTER wood or polypropylene covering
Wood or polypropylene covering
Our wood or polypropylene covers provide your vehicle long-lasting protection and are customisable to allow access to your lashing rings. 

"An extended lifespan, an easier resale!"
Renault MASTER
Renault MASTER document holder
Document holder
The document holder is installed in the loading area, on the cab partition, on the left side.
Renault MASTER fire extinguisher
Fire extinguisher
Fire extinguisher (2 kg) and its mount are installed behind the driver's seat.
Renault MASTER reverse beep
Reverse beep
A warning alarm sounds automatically when the vehicle is placed in reverse.


Our turnkey solutions for your business

Transporting parcels
Transporting parcels
All-New MASTER is the ideal ally for transporting parcels. Opt for a turnkey solution by personalising the loading area to meet your needs: 
  • Secure sliding door
  • Additional folding seat
  • Wood or polypropylene trim
  • Metal folding shelves
  • Shelf retaining nets
  • Assist grab handles
  • LED lighting in the loading area
  • Electric side running board and rear running board
    Large volume
    Large volume
    The ideal commercial van for transporting up to 22m3.

    Transporter, renter, mover: find the perfect vehicle for you!      
    Refrigerated cell
    Refrigerated cell
    The Renault PRO+ brand, in partnership with its approved expert coachbuilders, is equipped to offer you the refrigeration or isothermal solution that best meets your needs.
    Event vehicles
    Event vehicles
    Foodtrucks, véhicules événementiels, services ambulants… Chaque projet est spécifique... Les possibilités de transformation sont multiples. À chaque aventure, sa solution.
    Renault MASTER Z.E.
    The ideal partner for final mile delivery!
    With more and more downtown regions adopting policies establishing low emission zones (LEZ), perhaps you should consider the electric version of All-New MASTER.  
    Want to develop your business with All-New Renault MASTER?