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Renault MASTER  mobile office
Mobile office
When stationary, MASTER transforms into an  office : a swivel table provides the perfect place to sit your computer or your files or to fill in your slips, and multiple storage options in the cabin helps you to keep all your work equipment on hand.*     
Renault MASTER Easy Life tablet and king-size cup holder
Easy Life tablet and king-size cup holder
Thanks to the  Easy Life tablet , you can use your computer or enjoy your lunch from the comfort of the passenger seat. The king-size  cup holder  allows you to keep your hot or cold beverages on hand, without the risk of spilling them onto your documents or electronic devices.*     
Renault MASTER tempered sliding Easy Life drawer
Tempered sliding Easy Life drawer
Easily access the contents of your glove box thanks to the Easy Life  sliding drawer . With its ample 10.5L storage capacity, the drawer is also tempered in order to keep your water bottles cool.*     
Renault MASTER induction smartphone charger
Induction smartphone charger
Charge your phone without getting tangled up in cords; simply place your smartphone in the empty pocket of your dashboard (induction-compatible phones only).* 
Renault MASTER a range of storage
A range of storage
Keep everything at hand! A model of functionality, with All-New MASTER, you can take full advantage of the  105L if vast, convenient storage .*     
Loading area
MASTER  270° rear doors
270° rear doors
Load and unload easily thanks to the 270° doors held open by magnets.*
Renault MASTER running board
Handles and rear running board
Use the handles (up to 3 depending on the version) for easier access to the loading zone. Increase your round trips without tiring yourself out. The rear  running board  comes as standard on Rear-wheel drive versions to facilitate entering and exiting the loading area.*     
Renault MASTER loading area lighting
Loading area lighting
Save time and energy, thanks to the cargo area  LED lighting .*     
Renault MASTER lashing rings
Lashing rings
There are between 8 and 12  side lashing rings  - depending on the version - to help you secure your load.     
Renault MASTER alarm and reinforced locks
Alarm and reinforced locks
Fully compatible with your All-New MASTER's electronics, the Renault  alarm  protects you from attempted intrusions and detects any movement within the cab.  Additional locks  are also available.*     
Renault MASTER rear View Assistance
Rear View Assistance
Be the master of your environment! The  Rear View Assistance  (RVA) is an innovation for the van category. It provides an excellent view of the rear (along the vehicle axis), from medium to long distance, via a screen integrated into the sealing at the front of the cab. The systems functions only when the vehicle is in drive and can be combined with a reversing camera to make parking a breeze.*     
Renault MASTER crosswind stability assist
Crosswind stability assist
The  crosswind stability  assist technology (SWA) detects the swaying movement caused by gusts of cross wind when the vehicle is heading straight, and limits the side swing motion by correcting the trajectory.*      
Renault MASTER Lane Departure Warning
Lane Departure Warning
Thanks to the  Lane Departure Warning  (LDW), an alarm alerts you if you unintentional cross a line (standard system in the 4.5t and Bus versions).*     
Renault MASTER active emergency braking system
Active Emergency Braking System
Thanks to the  Active Emergency Braking System  (AEBS), the system detects the risk of a front-end collision. Activated from 5 km/h, it works in several stages*: 
  1. The system alerts the driver with a visual and audible warning.
  2. If the driver reacts but fails to brake sufficiently, the system reinforces the braking.
  3. If the driver does not react, the system applies the brakes automatically and gradually, up to applying the emergency brake if necessary.
    Renault MASTER blind spot warning
    Blind Spot Warning
    The  Blind Spot Warning  (BSW) alerts you to the presence of an object in the rear side areas via an indicator light installed on the outside door mirrors. The system is activated at 60 to 140 km/h.*      
    Technology & Multimedia
    Renault MASTER pneumatic suspension
    Pneumatic suspension
    The  pneumatic suspension  accommodates a number of uses by adjusting the loading height at the rear of the vehicle: maintains a constant level (right/left correction), lowers the rear suspension, or temporarily increases the ground clearance.*       
    Renault MASTER suspension seat
    Suspension seat
    The variable-suspension  driver's seat  allows you to adapt the hardness of the suspension according to your preferences.*     
    Renault MASTER differential lock
    Differential lock
    Avoid problems with slippery surfaces! Available on the All-New MASTER Rear-wheel drive version, the  differential lock  system improves your traction. At speeds below 30 km/h, it is triggered automatically when a wheel begins to spin. It is especially useful for getting our of tricky situations at low speeds when driving on a muddy work site.*     
    Renault MASTER front sensor and reversing camera
    Front sensor and reversing camera
    Avoid fender benders! When manoeuvring, a sequence of beeps that get closer together warns you of obstacles nearby. An image display on your interior rear-view mirror or your navigation screen accompanies the warning signal triggered by the front and rear anti-collision sensors.*
    Renault MASTER rain and light sensor
    Rain and light sensor
    The  rain and light sensor  automatically turns on your dipped headlights and windscreen wipers. The main beam or dipped headlights are activated automatically depending on whether or not other vehicles are present, providing you optimum nighttime visibility.     
    Renault MASTER systeme multimedia
    Enjoy a comprehensive multimedia experience
    • R-LINK Evolution or Media Nav Evolution touchscreens  to benefit from smartphone mirroring and to access your multimedia content instantly 
    • R&Go mobile app  to control your multimedia universe from your smartphone 
    • Renault CONNECT brings together all the connected services provided by Renault and its partners. Find these features in your multimedia system or from your smartphone through the MY Renault app


      All-New Renault MASTER accessories

      Renault MASTER textile floor mats
      Textile floor mats
      Protect your floor from everyday usage.
      Renault MASTER hub caps
      Hub caps
      Ride with style.
      Renault MASTER door sill
      Door sill
      Protect your door sill.
      Renault MASTER documents holder
      Document holder
      The document holder is installed in the loading area, on the cab partition, on the left side.
      Renault MASTER fire extinguisher
      Extincteur 2kg et son support installés derrière le siège conducteur.
      Renault MASTER reverse beep
      Reverse beep
      Warning signal triggered automatically when the vehicle is put in reverse.
      Renault MASTER.
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