All-New Renault MASTER


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Feel at ease on all types of terrain with All-New Renault MASTER   
Better performance, better efficiency!
The range of All-New MASTER engines has been totally revamped. It offers more power and torque (up to 350 Nm and 150 Hp), to ensure more dynamic acceleration and pickup. Driving pleasure and safety guaranteed, even with a full load! 

It's a winner on all sides: its increased power and torque is accompanied by more  efficient fuel consumption with the possibility of achieving approximately 1 L/100 km  (NEDC correlated*).
All-New MASTER is also available in EuroVId for the Front-wheel drive versions, heavy conversions, large volumes, etc.
Each traction solution has its own advantages. In the Front-wheel drive version, All-New Renault MASTER is best suited for usable cargo capacity and road transport. In the Rear-wheel drive version, it can support heavier loads and adapts to all types of terrain.
Renault MASTER Front-Wheel Drive
With its very low loading sill, All-New MASTER Front-wheel drive is best suited for usable cargo capacity and road transport. Its advantages:
  • Easy loading thanks to one of the lowest loading sills in the segment
  • More load volume thanks to its increased usable height and its very low loading sill
  • A gross vehicle weight (GVW) reaching up to 3.5t (class B license)
  • Better driving experience
  • Lower fuel consumption both on the road and for long distances
  • 3 more compact lengths: L1, L2, L3 and a usable volume of up to 14.8 m³
    Renault MASTER Rear-Wheel Drive
    With its increased loading, towing and off-roading capacities, All-New MASTER Rear-wheel drive is your greatest ally for transporting heavy loads on soft terrain.  Its load advantages:
    • Greater maximum rear axle load
    • More compatible complementary adaptations
    • Available in L3 and L4: usable lengths greater than 4 m and up to 17 m³
    • Towing capacity of up to an additional 500 kg
    • A gross vehicle weight (GVW) from 3.5t to 4.5t
      Its traction and grip advantages:
    • Better traction with a heavy load, up hill and on soft terrain to reduce the risk of getting stuck
    • Better obstacle clearance capacity
    • Optional differential lock
    • Option of twinned wheels for better grip and of rear axle load
      MASTER extended grip
      Extended Grip (standard)
      A standard feature on the All-New MASTER range, this anti-skid system offers you optimum grip!
      Renault MASTER hill start assist
      Hill Start Assist (standard)
      Say goodbye to tricky starts with a full load! Thanks to Hill Start Assist, pressure is maintained on the brakes for a few seconds in order to give you time to drive off easily.
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