All-New Renault MASTER

Construction - Building

Discover our range of equipment and fittings adapted to meet the needs of the construction and subtrade sectors.  
Renault MASTER mobile office
Mobile office
Need to set up a client meeting or plan a route? The digital tablet holder, induction smartphone charger and Easy Life tablet help you save time and work more efficiently from your mobile office.     
Renault MASTER lashing rings
Lashing rings
Because you transport heavy and bulky items on a regular basis, optimise your safety thanks to  18 lashing rings.     
Renault MASTER easy Life tablet
Easy Life tablet
Enjoy a real break, whether for a lunch on the go or for a longer rest. With the Easy Life tablet, its king-size cup holder and the tempered sliding drawer, you can enjoy a complete dining experience!  "Because everyone needs a break!" 
Renault MASTER loading area lighting
Loading area lighting
No more searching for your tools and materials, thanks to the LED lighting in the loading area.  

 "Let there be light! I'm finally able to find my tiny spare parts in the compartments, no problem."
Renault MASTER reinforced lock
Reinforced lock
No more worrying about leaving your hand-held power tools or expensive equipment! 
Renault MASTER wood shelf
Wood shelf
Let's discover our wood solutions! No matter your storage needs, we have a customised solution made just for you. 

Renault Tech Service
Renault MASTER wood and polypropylene covering
Wood and polypropylene covering
"With the polypro flooring, cleaning the cargo area has become almost a joy." 

Renault Tech Service
Renault MASTER wooden trim
Wooden trim
Preserve your loading space interior with the wooden trim. 

"Say goodbye to dents and holes in the walls! My MASTER no longer looks like it's covered in moon craters."  

Renault Tech Service
Renault MASTER Carrying
Load bulky parts and materials easily thanks to the All-New MASTER roof rack.

Opt for the rear  ladder  and the walkway for easy access. 

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Renault MASTER towing
Is your loading area not enough? Tow your trailers and equipment with ease! 

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Renault MASTER marking
Make yourself visible from long distances on poorly lit sites, thanks to our  marking and signalling solutions. Reflective stripes, flashing lights and road signs: so much to choose from! 

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Renault MASTER
Renault MASTER floor mats
Fabric floor mats
Protect your floor from everyday usage.
Renault MASTER hub caps
Hub caps
Ride with style.
Renault MASTER door sill
Door sill
Protect your door sill.

Our converted vehicles

Our turnkey solutions.

Tippers and drop-side flatbeds
Tippers and drop-side flatbeds
On a MASTER single or crew cab chassis, you can easily transport your worksite materials, whether packaged or in bulk.

In partnership with the leading experts on the market, our Renault Pro+ specialists know just the right approach to your project.
Workshop vehicle
Workshop vehicle
Create your custom workshop or supplies store in your van. Have everything you need at arms length to help you get the job done easily. 
  • Light and secure
  • Robust and transferable from one vehicle to another
  • Outstanding convenience with a multitude of stowing systems and hooks
 These layouts, designed by professionals for professionals, will help you become more productive.
Crew cab
Crew cab
Does your business requires you to transport people and equipment to your workplace? 

With 9 m3  of usable volume and up to 7 seats, the Crew cab is the solution for you.
Want to develop your business with All-New Renault MASTER?