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driver's settings Duster
driver's settings
For a pleasant drive and tailored comfort, the driver's seat is adjustable in height and lumbar level. The steering wheel is adjustable in height and depth.
automatic air conditioning Duster
automatic air conditioning
Select your ideal temperature. Thanks to the automatic climate control, it's always warm in the Renault Duster. To the nearest degree!
compass, altimeter and 4x4 Monitor Duster
compass, altimeter and 4x4 monitor
With the compass, altimeter and 4x4 Monitor*, you can even check the pitch and roll angles of your SUV at any time. Explore without limits.

*only available on 4x4 versions
rear view camera Duster
rear view camera
Thanks to the rear view camera, you can see obstacles behind you and maneuver in complete safety.
blind spot warning Duster
blind spot warning
Inside the Duster, there are no nasty surprises. The indicator light warns you of the presence of a vehicle in your blind spot.      
multiview Camera Duster
multiview camera
Connected to the MediaNav system, the MultiView Camera shows the images from Duster’s four on-board cameras. It is triggered by reverse gear or by a simple touch of the dedicated button.
electronic stability program Duster
electronic stability program (ESP)
Available on all versions, it assists the driver in critical situations or on difficult terrain where there is a risk of losing control.     
airbags Duster
Renault Duster is one of the safest cars in its class. Because we thought about your safety and combined airbags with advanced engineering, ensuring structural reinforcements in the vehicle.
hill start assist Duster
hill start assist (HSA)
Starting the car on steep slopes is no longer a worry. When you take your foot off the brake, hill-starting assist takes over and holds the vehicle steady for two seconds. This gives you time to accelerate normally without stalling or rolling back.     


(entire section to be localized by country according to available accessories)               
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